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Millions of people and changed their lives, MILLIONS AND MODIFIED YOUR BODY.
Do you want to know how they did it?

Find out what your Ideal Weight is

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Sohoo is the key that
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Sohoo is not a diet, Sohoo is a recognized system that allows us to understand and be able
to recognize
what kind of body we have and how our metabolism behaves with respect to our own body.

Sohoo is the key to change and modify
our eating habits and adjust them
according to the type of body we have,
only 6 weeks is enough to transform
your body and your life!!

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"Sohoo is not a diet but rather a weight loss program tailored to your body and engineered with the consumer in mind". Diets have a bad reputation mainly because 80% of people who start a diet quit within the first month. Almost everyone who has ever struggled with their weight has tried a diet plan of some sort at one point or another and it usually doesn’t go as planned because either the food you were limited to eating wasn’t something that can be done on a constant basis, or you were following the plan but were not seeing the results as quickly as expected. There is no cookie cutter plan that works for everyone because everyone has a different body and no one person reacts the same to a diet plan as another. Sohoo has solved this problem. Our diet program isn’t a generic "one size fits all" solution but rather a focus on the tailoring of ones specific body type and creating a plan around that information to enhance the weight loss potential to guarantee results rather than hope for them.

How it works?

We first start you off on a daily supplement we like to call the “key”. What this does in essence is kick start your metabolism until your body becomes a calorie burning machine allowing your system to maximize its calorie burning potential. The way we do this is by generating a specially formulated supplement with key ingredients that help burn fat at an accelerated rate. One such ingredient is the raspberry ketones. Another ingredient that allows this process is glucomanan which is a fiber that can easily be broken down into your system and begins to stimulate your calorie burning potential. Once the kick off has been started we then have you start what we like to call our “food program”. Many people who start diets do not see results because they do not know the correct foods they should be intaking in order to do so different foods work for different people. Our program address this by classifying your body type into one of our 5 main categories in which each one has a different series of food options that will promote healthy weight loss results. This program will be easy to follow as it keeps things new and interesting so that you don’t fall into the old diet habits of eating the same foods which almost always result in the demise of a diet once it was started. Because we fill our program with easy to follow steps and food options that will surely not disappoint you can be rest assured that this will be one program you will thoroughly enjoy.

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How does it work?


Nutritional Plan according to your body

Additional supplement

and balanced

Sohoo, the formula to be
fit and healthy!

Meet amazing testimonies!

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Jenny Siman - 29 years

- 50 lbs

I always had the tendency to gain weight and after my first baby was born I was 50 pounds overweight, I was desperate because I try everything, diet, exercise, sacrifices and nothing worked, until a friend told me about a system from which everyone was talking, I tried it and during the first six weeks I lost 9 pounds and now three months later I have lost about 50 lbs. I never thought to be this thin, Sohoo changed my body, my self-esteem, Sohoo changed my life. Thanks to all who created Sohoo!

* These are not typical weight loss, weight loss depends on the individual
testimonio 1

Robert Harris - 38 years

- 57 lbs

I'm 38 years old but many people thought I was 48. When you are overweight by 57 pounds over, your life, your body, all is different. Since childhood, I always had self-esteem issues. Because of my overweight I wasn't completely happy, until someone told me about a system that was revolutionizing the world of chubby. I tried Sohoo and it was what I was looking for. Today I'm a new and happy man with 57 pounds less in my body. Sohoo completely changed my body and my life!

* These are not typical weight loss, weight loss depends on the individual


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